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These 15 winter preposition mats and worksheets are an engaging way to help your students master their positional words using winter themed arctic animal characters. These mats are great as a prepositions grammar center and can be used many different ways. They can be used as morning work, early finishers, homework and more!

Before handing out the preposition mats to the students, first introduce them to each of the 5 arctic animal characters that they will see in the mats using the 5 character blurb posters or flash cards. Read the little blurb about each character, students can discuss what sort of personality they think each character has. The aim of this exercise is to highlight that when finding the prepositions on the mat, look at each character relative to his or her beloved home or belonging (ie log, igloo, snowy tree, iceberg and pile of snow!)

You can print and laminate the 5 posters and hang them on the wall as a reference while the students complete the work.

Once the characters have been introduced, then the mats can be handed out. Mats can be laminated or slipped into sheet protectors and students can circle or use any manipulative on hand to cover the pictures that match the given preposition. Alternatively, students can color in the pictures.

The prepositions included are: above, around, behind, between, in/inside, in front, next to, beside, on/on top, out, under/below/beneath(3 mats with same images), over and through.

Please download the preview to view the mats and character cards.