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Classroom jobs are a great way to help students develop independence, work on language and social skills, and demonstrate leadership in the preschool or special education classroom. This preschool job chart includes real photos and simple text to help emergent readers or children with special education needs, such as autism. More than 60 class jobs are included to offer a variety of options to fit any early childhood class setting, including jobs selected specifically to target social emotional learning SEL goals, such as “Calm Down Helper” “Expected Behavior Model” “Friend Helper” “Emotion Coach” and “Greeter”.

Cards are made with realistic photos of children and are 2.5 by 5.2 inches making them ideal to fit in a pocket chart for easy prep.


✅ 60+ job cards

✅ 2 Headers to choose from in blue or black print

♦ “Classroom Jobs”

♦ “Class Helpers”