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If you have special education students or students with autism that are working on social emotion learning (SEL) or just trying to start your preschool day with a calm, centering activity, these 1-minute mindful activity cards will be ideal. Each card features one activity paired with a picture of an object to make the activity more concrete for children with autism. Whenever possible the activities include objects that the teacher or therapist can bring in to make the experience more hands on such as a rock, a feather, a stuffed animal, etc. 50 activities are included in handy card size- 4 inches by 5 inches and they can be easily put on a ring for easy access during morning circle, morning meeting, or whenever a child is needing a moment to calm themselves. The cards involve activities around breathing, gratitude, muscle relaxation, mindful listening, and visualization. Because young children have short attention spans all activities have been designed so that they can be completed in as little as one minute but can be done long if children are showing interest. These one-minute mindfulness activity cards are a great way to introduce short mindfulness lessons to even the youngest learners. Children with autism or other special education needs in particular benefit from being explicitly taught concrete strategies to calm and regulate themselves as they encounter stressful situations throughout the day.

For longer use, print cards on cardstock and laminate cards.

✅ 50 cards with realistic photo on each and description of a short mindful activity. Skills that are targeted include


Mindful listening


Muscle relaxation