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These preschool morning bins/tubs come with labels to laminate and use!

Children will gain fine motor, math, and literacy skills through these hands-on cards and tasks! These tubs will help organization in the classroom, along with repetitive use for kinesthetic learning and free time!



Fine Motor & Sensory Skills

Manipulatives Needed: Pom Poms,

Colored Tissue Paper, Glue, Dry Erase Markers

*Pom Pom Pictures -laminate

*Mazes – laminate

*Puzzle Pictures to Solve- laminate

* Tissue Paper Worksheets- do not laminate (gluing skills)



Manipulatives Needed: Math Links, Geo Boards, Rubber Bands, Clothespins

*Math Link Pattern Cards – laminate

  • Clothespin Number Cards -laminate
  • Geo Board Cards to use with Rubber Bands and Geo Boards – laminate
  • Number Puzzles for Counting -laminate



Manipulatives Needed: Clothespins, Playdough,

Cookie Sheet or Manipulative Tray (optional)

  • Alphabet Playdough Mats- Laminate (Children should use play dough around the letters or they can use string)
  • Clothespin Letter Cards- Laminate
  • Clothespin Color Cards- Laminate