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A comprehensive set of ESL grammar worksheets for teaching your students the Present Simple.

I created this after being unable to find any high-quality worksheets. Everyone wanted me to print out a rainforest’s worth of paper. Considering that I have to teach the Present Simple every semester, I thought it would be a good idea to create some nice materials that I could use multiples times throughout the year. This will work perfectly for any beginner or pre-intermediate English classes that you might have. It would also be great for new teachers looking to teach grammar for the first time

I’ve tried to include everything you could ever need in a 10-sheet (5 sheets of paper, double-sided) pack. I think that this could be done over multiple lessons.


– Making positive sentences

– Making negative sentences

– & forming questions and making appropriate responses.

Colorful, easy-to-understand worksheets can be saved and put into a grammar file for future reference. Practice worksheets provide the opportunity for you and your students to thoroughly check full understanding of the grammar.

A nice variety of activities are included to keep things interesting for the students.

The present simple is something that most teachers will have to teach again and again, so I’ve aimed to make a product that you will use repeatedly throughout the years. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂