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Printable Bucket List Journal To Color


A bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do in your life – places to visit, foods to eat, sights to see, dreams you have to name a few.


This printable can be used as a full journal or split up into individual worksheets to use in the classroom within lessons such as “Books I Want To Read” to make a reading list.


When using the printable as a journal, there are 35 pages for you to write your lists on, with lots of great illustrations to color. There is also a cover page and a bonus blank list page for you to create your own!


  1. Movies I Want to See
  2. Places I Want To Go
  3. Stuff I Want To Own
  4. Records I Want to Break
  5. Books I Want To Read
  6. Classes I Want to Take
  7. Skills I Want To Learn
  8. Things I Want to Do
  9. Food I Want To Eat
  10. Recipes I Want To Try
  11. People I Want To Meet
  12. Connections I Want To Make
  13. TV Shows I Want To Binge
  14. Concerts I Want To Hear
  15. Sights I Want To See
  16. Parks I Want To Visit
  17. Restaurants I Want To Eat At
  18. Cultural Events I Want To Experience
  19. What I Want To Do In Spring
  20. What I Want To Do In Summer
  21. What I Want To Do In Autumn
  22. What I Want To Do In Winter
  23. Projects I Want To Complete
  24. Adventures I Want To Have
  25. Dreams I Want to Fulfill
  26. Places I’d Like To Volunteer
  27. Charities I Want To Help
  28. Lucky Things To Happen To Me
  29. Spirituality I Want To Explore
  30. 50 US States Checklist (Map to Color)
  31. 7 Continents Checklist (Map to Color)
  32. My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #1-25
  33. My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #26-50
  34. My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #51-75
  35. My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #76-100

The beauty of printable planners and journals is that can print them out the pages time and time again. If you mess up a page, print it again! Want to try another colorway? Print that page again! Want to add more to your list? Print out another page!


Once printed, you can keep the sheets loose, punch holes and keep them in a ring binder, or create your own book and use a binding machine to secure the pages together. They’re pretty inexpensive, and if you print a lot of your journal pages, the machine ends up paying for itself! 



The ZIP file contains the following documents:

  • 1 PDF US Letter Size (8.5 x 11″)
  • 1 PDF A4 Size (8.27 x 11.69″)

Download the version suitable for your printer.


Have fun!
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