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Item description

Do you want to provide your students with a guide on how to write a problem and solution essay? This Google Slides Presentation teaches them the needed guidelines as well as analyzes a sample problem and solution essay. Definitions, structure, organization, detailed description of components, and other information are included.


What is included?

  • 16 total slides (EDITABLE)
  1. Title slide
  2. Definition of this type of essay
  3. Structure
  4. Block by Block or chain structure?
  5. How to write an introduction in problem-solution essays
  6. How to make the introduction interesting
  7. How to create a thesis statement
  8. Body Paragraph (Problem)
  9. Body Paragraph (solution)
  10. Conclusion

11 –> 15. Sample Essay Analysis

16. Common Mistakes


– The link for the Google Slides is embedded in a PDF file (the product file). The link is a force copy link which allow you to automatically add a copy of the file to your own Google Drive. Your copy is totally Editable.

– This presentation works well with virtual conferencing platforms such as Google Meet™ and Zoom™.