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This thorough and carefully created unit is full of lesson plans, math centers, and activities to help you teach about problem solving steps and strategies during your math workshop and/or guided math time, while aligning with the 3rd grade Common Core standards. Your students will practice solving word problems and other math problems with the strategies and steps in this unit.

This Product Includes:

(Week 1 – Introduction to Math Workshop)

✓ Introduction to math workshop and expectations

✓ Working with others and collaboration

✓ Math talk and accountability

✓ Math tools and references

✓ Understanding guided math and rotations

(Week 2 – Problem Solving Strategies)

✓ Guess and check

✓ Visuals – act it out, draw a picture, use a model

✓ Organization – make a chart, create a table, make a list

✓ Work backwards

(Week 3 – Problem Solving Steps)

✓ Analyzing word problems – eliminating unnecessary information, determining the question, and important information

✓ Solving word problems – one-step and multi-step problems

✓ Using thinking strategies when stuck

✓ Check, explain, and justify your answer

Final Conclusion – Create a Lap Book

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Vocabulary cards for your word wall or practice

✓ Anchor charts

✓ 15 detailed mini-lessons

✓ Scope and sequence in an overview

✓ Worksheets for practice

✓ Task cards

✓ Games and math center activities

✓ Remediation and enrichment activities

✓ Answer keys

✓ Lap book materials

✓ Mini-assessments (ticket out the door, etc.)