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Looking for something exciting for a project based learning unit? This resource focuses on the study of animals in the snow. This is a lesson plan that will guide you through the process of using biomimicry and steam activities to inspire students to ask questions, study nature and use creative thinking to explore ideas.


Animals do the most amazing things in the snow. Some of the things they do can be used to design cities and jumping robots.


These activities are fun and engaging.


The booklet contains the following animals:

Fox, Polar Bear, Squirrel, Arctic hare, Snowshoe hare, Ptarmigan Seal, Reindeer/Caribou


1. Introduction to biomimicry

2. What I know about foxes

3. Ways to find out about foxes

4. Fox observations

5. Blending in with the white world

6. Invisibility challenge

7. Fox mousing robot

8. Squirrels have great paws

9. Snow digging machine

10. Warm snow city

11. Polar bears are fascinating

12. Feet like a polar bear

13. Picture inspiration – polar bear challenge

14. Ask the Arctic hare questions

15. Ask a Biomimicrist Talkshow

16. Super legs and feet

17. Design a Shoe kit

18. Acrostic poem

19. What if I was a Seal

20. Stiff hairs with good grip!

21. What if I was a seal? Invent a wet suit or a . . .

22. Whiskers

23. Whiskers – story writing

24. I am in awe of reindeer-caribou because. . .

25. Facts about reindeer-caribou

26. Chasing a thief challenge

26. Eyes that change color

27. Mind maps

28. What I have learned

29. Ptamigan Feather Test – How to use in the classroom

30. How to use mind maps in the classroom

31. How to use biomimicry in the classroom

32. Links and book tips

33. 2 posters


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