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Looking for something exciting for a project based learning unit?
This resource focuses on the wonderful world of koalas and kiwis. This
is a lesson plan that will guide you through the process of using
biomimicry and steam activities to inspire students to ask questions,
study animals and plants and use creative thinking to explore ideas.

package contains the following animals and plants: koala, platypus,
kookaburra, kiwi, kiwifruit, New Zealand fur seal/ kekeno, yellow-eyed

1. Introduction to biomimicry

2. What I know about Animals &Plants

3. Ways to find out about Animals & Plants

4. A koala has, can, is and draw a paw

5. Interesting things about koalas. . . Koala inspired reading or a relaxing nook

6. Design Challenge – soft and Slow Koalas

7. Banksia

8. Banksia House

9. Design challenge flowers

10. Platypus poem

11. Platypus interesting observations

12. Use random inspiration and platypuses to design something new

13. Merry, merry king of the bush – Kookaburra toys

14. Kiwi’s Beak & Feathers

15. Design Challenge Kiwi Beak

16. Kiwi’s magic beak – story writing

17. Rainproof house or coat

18. Kiwi Fruit Pattern

19. Kiwi design challenge

20. Kiwi juice packages

21. Yellow-eyed penguin – shoes

22. Butterfly rain challenge

23. Doodling

24. What I have learned

25. How to use biomimicry in the classroom

26. Links and book tips

27. 1 poster


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