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Looking for something exciting for a project based learning unit? This unit focuses on the study of bats. This is a lesson plan that will guide you through the process of using biomimicry and steam activities to inspire students to ask questions, study bats and use creative thinking to explore ideas.


These activities are fun and engaging.


Feel inspired, Be Creative and Make Change.


Bats are fascinating creatures that sometimes have a bad reputation. Here they provide inspiration for new ideas – the focus is on medical applications.


1. Short introduction to biomimicry

2. Ways to find out about bats

3. Interesting things about bats

4. Echolocation in caves

5. Bat anatomy

6. Flexible wings

7. Ideas for healing skin

8. Honduran white bats

9. Tent-making bats

10. Yellow ears, face, nose, legs, and wings – macular disease

11. Explore how studying bats can help humans

12. Fruit bats

13. Nocturnal nuisances or fascinating friends?

14. Bumblebee bats

15. Hanging upside down

16. Questions for a vampire bat

17. Myths and vampire bats

18. Are bats a nuisance?

19. Feel inspired, Be Creative, Make a Change – Use random inspiration to invent something inspired by bats.


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