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Spring units are not complete without colorful caterpillars and
beautiful butterflies. This resource focuses on using observations of
these insects to solve design and imagination challenges. Purchase this
engaging resource now and provide your students with science activities
that will help them develop their curiosity and desire to learn about
the natural world.

These activities are fun and engaging. And great brain workout!

topic also provides an opportunity to bring the learning outdoors –
observing, listening and smelling are vital factors to build a
foundation upon which ideas inspired by nature can be explored.

Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions, thanks.

This fantastic Butterfly & Caterpillars package contains:

1. Why Teach Biomimicry?

2. Getting Started Guide

3. How to Observe and Collect Information about Caterpillars and Butterflies

4. What we know and what we want to know

5. Make a list of things that caterpillars can do.

6. Things I Love about Caterpillars

7. Caterpillar shape poem

8. Gallery of Bristles and Spines & Heads with Horns

9. Use “random” words to invent and design things

10. Imagination design challenge

11. Design challenge – hard & soft

12. Word Caterpillar

13. Design word challenge

14. Fake eyes

15. What if you could measure a crooked line?

16. Design task – saddleback caterpillar

17. Describe a butterfly

18. I love butterflies

19. Draw butterfly wings

20. Use “random” word as inspiration

21. Imagination design challenge

22. Design challenge

23. Word butterfly

24. Design word challenge

25. Make an ID card or ID badge

26. Months – Design a robot that can fly in the dark or a solar panel that can capture as much light as possible

27. What I have learnt

28. How to use biomimicry in the classroom – inspiration and ideas

29. Links to videos and information

30. Two posters

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Project based learning: Bats, STEAM, Biomimicry

product is absolutely the favorite one I have purchased all fall! I
love the information that is provided about bats – just enough to
intrigue and encourage higher level thinking. There are graphic
organizers, worksheets, and subtle suggestions to help young learners
perform at their best! And best of all, it stretches their creativity!
Thanks for such an amazing resource!”

Project Based Learning, Insects, Lapbook – STEAM, Biomimicry

very comprehensive, thorough, and unique resource to teach elementary
students about biomimicry! An excellent addition to any biology unit!

Why am I qualified to write these biomimicry resources? I
was a member of BEN – Biomimicry Education Network – and a curator
of educational resources at BEN. I am the author of the book
Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva: Nature spotting inspires wild
ideas. In 2015, I completed a course in Biomimicry: A Sustainable
Design Methodology at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I
took part in the Biomimicry Design Challenge in 2021.

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This download is a PDF and is formatted in US Letter size. If you would
prefer an alternate sizing, A4 size or spelling (colour vs color
etc.), please leave me a note in the ‘ask a question section of my