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Many children are fascinated by the magnificent dinosaurs. They are mysterious and exciting! So this interactive notebook with posters will surely be a hit with your students.


Your students will have a keepsake filled with exciting information. You can make a classroom display or they can bring home the notebook and share their work with their families!


The package contains:

1. 6 posters, Giantoraptor, Microraptor, Coelophysis, Kentrosaurus, and two animals that are not dinosaurs but often mistakingly classified as dinosaurs, Phorusrhacos and Anhanguera.

2. Worksheet about each of the 6 creatures.

3. 6 story writing papers.

4. Front page for the interactive folder.

5. Small dinosaur book.

6. Dinosaur vocabulary.

7. Dinosaur book.

8. Gideon Mantell and Mary Anning.

9. Palaeontologists solves problems – Mind Map.

10. I am not a dinosaur.

11. What I know, what I want to learn, what I learned.

12. What did dinosaurs eat? – Venn diagram

13. Reptiles – Mind Map

14. Class graph.

15. What if I found an egg? What if I found a bone?

16. What noses did dinosaurs made?

17. Dinosaur map