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Many children are fascinated by the magnificent dinosaurs. They are
mysterious and exciting! So this dinosaur unit will surely be a hit with
your students.

These activities are a perfect way to
think about what information is and how we get information.
Palaeontologists do not always agree. A great way to get students
excited about science.

One biomimicry activity includes using plant-eating dinosaurs as inspiration for new ideas. Why not grow new teeth?

The package contains:

Introduction to the unit. What we know, What we think we know, What we want to know.

1. What do you know? What do you want to learn?

2. Ways to find out about dinosaurs

3. What if I found an egg

4. When is an egg a dinosaur egg? Make a tally

5. My Dinosaur Egg Gallery

6. Write a story about a paleontologist who finds a dinosaur egg.

7. Dinosaurs – have, are, can. Dinosaurs are cool because. . .

8. Dinosaurs – have, are, can, what if, how, when, where, Dinosaurs are cool because. . .

9. Draw me

10. How do we know dinosaurs existed?

11. Digging for bones

12. Tricky but cool words

13. Ask the Dinosaurs Sparkling Questions

14. What did they look like?

15. My Gallery of Dinosaurs

16. Put up a display at the Dino Museum

17. I am a dinosaur – perhaps!

18. What if you could solve a dino mystery? – Storywriting

19. What if I found a dino baby? – Storywriting

20. Dinosaur or not a dinosaur – What do you think?

21. Shape Poem

22. Carnivore, Herbivore What did Dinosaurs eat?

23. Haunting but beautiful cries! Write a song. Invent an Instrument.

24. Dinosaur bridge

25. Invent a robot, toy, or car.

26. What if you were a dentist? Inspired by plant-eaters

27. Reflection on the learning.

28. How to use biomimicry in the classroom

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