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Item description

Are you looking for an adorable writing activity for Spring? An
activity that mixes myths and facts, mythical creatures and science?

This activity with cute unicorns, mammoths and Siberian unicorns might be perfect!

Unicorns did exist! Even though they might not have looked like a white horse. And unicorns and mammoths might have met.

Exciting news! Great material for writing a newspaper article, or a story.

You can mix and match unicorns and mammoths to best meet the needs of your writing projects.

This booklet contains:

1. Unicorn – has, can, is

2. Mammoth – has, can, is

3. Compare and contrast

4. Mind map

5. What if – Mind map

6. Vocabulary Unicorn

7. Vocabulary Mammoth

8. Extra, Extra, read all about it!

9. Writing papers,unicorn, mammoth – color and black and white versions