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This engaging end of novel or end of book summary project will allow your students to build a portfolio as they read! Students will enjoy this “binge worthy” themed project as they summarize their novel. This project is 100% digital (insert pictures and typing) and designed with a template. Students will only have to add pictures and type in their taglines and summary pieces to create an amazing novel summary. The template is designed for a book with up to 12 chapter, but it’s also 100% editable for you to duplicate the template and add more (or delete pages you don’t need!) This project is perfect for Free Reading (FVR) or Sustain Silent Reading (SSR) projects as students complete books independently. This project is also great for ELA class novels! An example of a completed project in English is included. This example was made using Carrie Toth’s Papálotl novel with her permission.

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This product contains a PDF download with a link to a Google Drive folder. You will need to make a copy of the files to have edit access. Note: This product was made using Bebas Neue font (a free downloaded font), your version may look slightly different if you don’t have this font on your Google Drive fonts.

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