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Everyone is familiar with word problems. However, with technology being so easily accessible we can now do video problems. This is great for students to do as classwork when they are learning about projectile motion or as a lab. You can do this together with the class or have the students pair up in front of a computer and work it out themselves.

This lesson is filled with clips of people doing amazing things that have to do with projectile motion. For example, students will watch an exciting video of a person being shot out of a cannon. Then, simply by using a stopwatch and protractor, they will be able to time the length of the launch and determine the person’s distance traveled.

Each clip is exciting and engaging to watch and makes doing physics problems real and enjoyable.

This is an NGSS-aligned lesson. Your students will engage in three-dimensional learning by analyzing physics phenomenon, discussing with other students, and forming educated explanations.

Lesson Includes:

PowerPoint (19 Slides)
– Six trimmed and ready-to-watch video clips of exciting stunts being performed, all related to free fall

– Detailed worksheet that goes along with PowerPoint

– Just print and you’re ready to start

Teacher’s Instructions (9 pages)

– Detailed layout of how to introduce and do the activity

– Answers and explanations for all problems

– Includes instructional video

Student Worksheet (8 pages) [Fully Editable]

– For THREE different levels of students (CP, Honors, and AP)

– Step-by-step instructions to get students started on their lab/activity

If this product could really benefit your classroom, but you are not in a good financial situation to buy the product, please contact me and I will give you the product for free, no questions asked. [email protected]