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Curious, the student who never dares to be different asked, “Ma’am, why is the pronoun I always capitalized?”
            “Well,” the teacher replied, “the capitalized pronoun I, irreplaceable by any common name, recognizes your individuality wherever you may be placed as it emphasizes the importance of loving yourself. It reminds you that you should never allow others to influence or treat you improperly so you should neither live someone else’s life nor see your life in someone else’s eyes. It declares that you are uniquely and distinctly you, capitally made whole and full so you can understand your purpose, grab your share of chances, and accomplish big things without forcing yourself to believe that your substance can stand up on its own.”

An 11-by-8.5-inch printable poster is also included in Pronoun Review Task Cards (Set A) and Pronoun Review PowerPoint Presentation (Set A) with product video entitled Noun Review Questions (Set A) that can be watched HERE.
Other format: Pronoun Review Worksheets (Set A)


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