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Are you looking for an activity for your students after a day at the pumpkin patch? This Pumpkin Investigation Activity is perfect for you students to use reading, writing, math and science to tell all about their pumpkins! Students will use their pumpkin to fill in a short book telling how tall their pumpkin is, what color it is and more!

These adorable pumpkin books allow students to really get to know their pumpkin. I love to use these for the end of the day after a busy field trip. Fast finishers can read their books to a friend!

Pages that are included:

Two covers “My Trip to the Pumpkin Patch” OR “All About My Pumpkin”

– We are going to __ to pick pumpkins

– Pumpkins grow on the ground

– My pumpkin is ____. (color)

– My pumpkin is ___ cubes tall.

– My pumpkin is _____. (tall or short)

– My pumpkin is ______. (fat or skinny)

– I think my pumpkin will sink/float.

– My pumpkin _____. (sank/floated)

– I plan to carve/not carve my pumpkin.

– I plan to carve my pumpkin like this.

– My pumpkin will be _____ for Halloween.

– Parts of a Pumpkin

– Pumpkin Life Cycle

These books come in 2 options. Option 1 is in a fun pumpkin outline book shape (these match the pumpkin books from Target). Option 2 is a printable book with 2 book pages per page to easily fold and staple.

You also get the option between students drawing in their pictures or having ready made clipart that matches the sentence to color.

Students will love making a book all about their pumpkin! Don’t want to get out water to see if the pumpkins will sink or float? Each page is unnumbered so that you can print only the pages you want to use!