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Item description

This is great activity to introduce the terminology associated with the use of punctuation. This Interactive & Printable Word Search activity increases vocabulary and enhances proofreading skills too! Includes a suggested extension activity. Suitable for middle & high school students.

Try before you buy with the sample activity.

Extension activity – generate some discussion about the word period. If learners are unfamiliar with the word, you could ask them to look it up in a dictionary to identify its meaning (North American – a punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence or an abbreviation, courtesy of New Oxford American Dictionary).

All materials allow for differentiated learning and include the following:

  • printable copy

  • interactive puzzle with and without timings (double click the index.html file or drag it into the *browser’s URL bar)

  • Set of answers

*(Please note that Microsoft Edge could not display interactive puzzles when tested)

The resource can be added to individual classroom computers or run through an interactive board.

Please leave constructive feedback once you have used it with your learners, many thanks.