$8.00 Multi-licenses $7.20

Item description

The Puzzle Borders in this set are designed with the puzzle pieces “built” together and with a straight inside edge. Each border comes in 5 sizes and with a wide variety of different colour versions as well as black and white. Each border also comes with both a transparent and a white background.


*Full page

*Widescreen (16:9)

*Boom Card

*Index card (3 in x 5 in)

*Square (3 in x 3 in)


Single Colours

*8 Single Colours included

*Each colour comes in both bright and pastel

*All Single Colour borders come with both White and Black Outlines.


*Rainbow pattern

*Primary Colour pattern

*Each Multicolour pattern comes in both bright and pastel

*All Multicolour borders come with White, Black and No Outlines.

Black and White

*BW 1 – White pieces with Black Outlines

*BW 2 – Black pieces with White Outlines

Each border has 2 versions included – 1 with a transparent background and 1 with a white background. You will only pay for 1 version, the other is included for FREE!

I am only charging for:

*1 x Single Colour set (20 borders – bright and pastel in 5 sizes with both black and white outlines)

*Primary colour pattern set (30 borders – bright and pastel in 5 sizes with black, white and no outlines)

*Rainbow pattern set (30 borders – bright and pastel in 5 sizes with black, white and no outlines)

*1 x Black and White set (5 borders)

All other sets are included for FREE!

That is 85 borders and 375 BONUS borders altogether!

All borders are saved as PNG files at 300 dpi.

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PLEASE NOTE: WHEN PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A PDF DOCUMENT WITH A LINK TO A GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER. THE CLIPART IMAGES ARE IN THIS FOLDER. When you click on this link, you will be able to VIEW this folder and DOWNLOAD the files, but not edit anything in the folder. You do not need to have a Google Account for this to work. This means that if I ever add anything to the folder, you will be able to access the updated images!

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Commercial Use:

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Please see below for more specific requirements when using my clipart commercially.

You may:

*Use images in any resource where you are able to give appropriate credit to Colleen’s Cosmic Collection, preferably with a link back to my store. 

*The main focus of the resource must not be the clipart, but your own content. 

*Clipart images must be flattened and safely secured in the background of your resource.

You may not:

*Claim my images as your own.

*Redistribute my graphics as is in any way.

*Use my graphics to create clipart to sell.

Please note that all computers and printers are different, so when printed, the colours in this resource may not appear the same as when viewed on your computer screen.