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This product will help you review the different uses and conjugations of ser and estar in Spanish.

It is ideas as End of The Year Activity.

This is an Online Spanish Lesson for kids. You can use it for online tutoring or distance learning. This lesson is meant to be applied in real-time. It is not for independent study.

You may play the presentation on your computer and share your screen with your students to guide them throughout the review. Just read each question aloud, give your students enough time to think, and ask them to give you the answer they think is correct. Then, go to the next slide to see the right answer and explain to your students why this answer is correct.


More about this product 

  • This Spanish A1 Lesson is ready to be applied in your online classes. We offer you a beautiful, fun, and complete class that does NOT require preparation time. 
  • This lesson is for students aged 9 to 12 years old with some previous Spanish knowledge.
  • The lesson was planned for 1 to 1 or small group tutoring. But it can be easily adapted to bigger group classes.


Table of contents 

-21 questions to evaluate ser and estar uses and conjugations.

-3 kinds of questions: yes or no, multiple options, and fill in the blank (7 questions by category).

-All the answers are included in the file.

*The vosostros form is not included in this review.


For this activity to be successful, your students must know:

-The different uses of ser and estar.

-How to conjugate ser and estar in the present tense.


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