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Are you teaching R Blend phonic sounds and looking for a range of worksheets and activities that your students will enjoy? This resource is the perfect addition to your R Blend lesson. These activities cover a range of skills, they can be used in Literacy circles, for intervention or as an assessment activity. Mix and match the activities for a wide range of words and cute clip art to help reinforce the learning process.

You will find 9 different activities, each activity has 3 “worksheets”.

  1. Color the correct blend under each picture.
  2. Write the blend to complete the word.
  3. Cut and paste the correct blend next to each picture.
  4. Cut and paste the matching pictures next to the R Blends.
  5. Write the R Blend next to the picture.
  6. Find and color two pictures in each row starting with the given blend.
  7. Color by Code
  8. Color the correct R Blend for each picture.
  9. Complete the words by filling in the R Blends.
  10. Answer Keys for each page included.

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