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Emotions are not good or bad. Some emotions may be scary and overwhelming especially when they are intense. But learning how to accept and process your emotions take practice and with more practice, the more natural it becomes.

This workbook supports little learns to recognize their emotional response and access strategies that allow them to reduce the intensity of the emotion they are feeling. Little learners will work through what they need in relation to supports and strategies to be able to control impulsive behaviours when experiencing intense emotions.


– All about our Emotions

– Exploring the metaphor of rainbow emotions and regulation

– Four emotional states (blue, green, yellow, red)

– Emotional States (how you might feel, how you might look and what you may need?)

– Emotional State Posters


– Activity 1 – Sorting Emotions into Emotional States

– Activity 2 – Calming Strategies and sorting into emotional states

– Activity 3 – Understanding my Emotions (how you feel, what you look like, what you need and summary)

– Creative Activities including Find-a-word and Inspirational Quote and much more!