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This calendar set includes three full sets of calendar pieces in a
Rainforest Tropical theme with greens, blues, yellow, orange, and red
colors. The pieces fit well in commercial pocket chart calendars or may
be used for linear calendars.

calendar header months of the year printables include all of the months
of the year. The names of the months coordinate in color with the

This set also includes square days of the week
cards with whole words and abbreviations. In addition, there are long
rectangular days of the week with Today is, Tomorrow will be, and
Yesterday was headings. Long rectangular seasons cards are included as

This file includes a set of calendar number cards
comes with 31 number cards, two “Birthday” cards, two “No School” cards,
and one “Field Trip” card. Cards are approximately 2.5 inches by 2.5

The numbers are in a font that is clear and simple for young students.

I use these in a calendar pocket chart during circle time.

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