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Item description

This CVC matching cards set includes over 100 word and picture cards. 

What’s included: 

-29 colored pages 

-29 b&w pages 

This set is perfect for small group, literacy centers, or individual practice skills. 

Just print, cut, and laminate. For ink-friendly option, you could print the black and white cards on bright colored paper. 


CVC Words included: 

-at words: bat, hat, sat, cat, rat, fat, mat 

-ad words: dad, lad, bad, sad, mad, pad, rad (hippie) 

-ag: bag, rag, wag, tag 

-am: ham, jam, ram, yam 

-ab: cab, lab 

-an: man, can, fan, pan, van 

-ap: sap, tap, nap, map, cap, gap

-ax: sax, wax

-eb words: web

-ed words: red, fed, bed, wed

-eg: beg, peg, leg

-em: gem

-en: hen, men, den, ten, pen

-et: vet, wet, pet, net, jet

-it words: hit, kit, pit, sit

-in: win, pin, tin, bin, fin

-ig: fig, wig, pig, dig

-id: kid, lid

-ip: lip, zip, rip, dip

-ib: bib

-ot words: hot, cot, pot

-op: pop, hop, top, cop, mop

-ob: bob (for fishing), cob, sob

-og: hog, jog, log, dog

-od: rod, pod

-ox: box, fox

-un words: sun, bun

-ut: nut, cut, hut

-ub: tub, sub

-ug: mug, bug, rug, hug

-ud: bud, mud

-us: bus