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Back to School fun for the whole class! This Readers’ Theater fun brainteaser mystery script will give your grade 5-8 students practice in reading aloud, comprehension and writing, while having lots of chuckles. The Back to School Mysteries readers’ theater script will entertain your  students and require them to perform inference tasks to solve clues. There is also a one page exercise session in the middle of the script, led by Phys Ed student teachers Mr Trainer and Jim Shortz. This is the ultimate brain break to beat all brain breaks!

The script is designed for TWENTY SIX readers! For the first week of the year, it is a great idea to keep all of the students together in one place and foster classroom community, rather than dividing into smaller reading groups. Each of the students has at least two individual speeches to read, and everyone is kept busy reading the frequent EVERYONE responses together. For classes smaller than 26, give students two roles. For larger classes, divide the roles of the teacher, Ms Taken, and each of her student teachers into two parts.

This funny and engaging story has two mysteries. The first one your students need to work out is which students are not telling the truth about their holiday experiences. After that brain limbering, they proceed to the main mystery: the accidental destruction of the teacher’s Back to School gift and how two students help Ms Taken to discover who the culprit was. Written questions and two additional Back to School activities will keep your students busy long after the script reading has finished. 

Table of Contents page(s)

Cast List 1

Instruction to students 2

Script 3-10

First mystery questions sheet 11

Second mystery questions sheet 12

Extension written questions 13-15

Fun activities 16-17

Answers 18-19

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