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This humorous Middle School readers’ theater brainteaser mystery script will give students practice in reading aloud, comprehension, character development and writing, while enjoying lots of fun. The Mystery of the Drama Camp Thief readers’ theater script will entertain your students and require them to perform inference tasks to solve clues. The cast list has 12 readers but the number of readers can easily be reduced to as few as 7. Doubling up of roles is easy.

This funny and engaging story is about the theft of a necklace at a camp and the detective work that two characters use to track it down. The main character parts range in age from 12-14. Matt fears he isn’t as speedy at working things out as his clever friend Sophie is, but he manages to wow her in this story- and discover where her necklace is! 
To track down the missing necklace, students will unscramble anagrams. They will also work out clues using a numbers-to-alphabet code. 5 pages of writing activities are also included. Students have to discuss and write on questions about the reading of the play, how it might be filmed, and on issues the play raises, such as peer pressure. They also have some fun creative tasks, such as writing a short rhyming poem. This resource will delight both entire classes and small groups of early finishers. Question sheets and answers are included.

Table of Contents

Script Pages 1-10

Mystery clues Page 11

Reading the script questions Pages 12-13

Filming the script questions Page 14

Thematic questions Page 15

Creative writing activities Page 16
Answers to the mystery Page 17


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