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This Readers’ Theater fractured fairy tale script will spark fun and chuckles in both drama and ELA classes. It gives upper elementary and Middle School students high interest practice in reading aloud, comprehension and writing. After completing the script they will write an additional scene, AND a ‘pitch’ to promote a fractured fairy story of their own. There’s even a quick mystery about a missing item for them to solve!

Cindy Rella is loosely based on the children’s tale. In this 21st century version, teenager Cindy lives in an unhappy home where there is far too much concentration on cleaning. In this re-telling of the classic story, however, it is the shoe obsessed Cindy (forever buying shoes from Amazon) who is the bully! Only her godfather knows about the unhappiness and envy of her sisters that causes Cindy’s bad behavior. Cindy goes to the ball and meets Hans Summ, singer of the best-selling band the Charmers, yet the tale ends differently from the way your students will anticipate. The script is intended for 9 readers, but the number of readers can easily be contracted or expanded, depending on how many groups you wish to have.

The script will keep your students busy; they have to discuss and write on five questions, perform a script writing task, write a fractured story plot pitch AND perform a fun jokes activity. Phew!

Quick peer and self assessment forms are provided, and a reading rubric for easy marking. Thanks so much for checking out my resources!

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