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This Middle School Readers’ Theater brain teaser mystery script will give students lots of Halloween scares and giggles. The Mystery of the Halloween Thieves readers’ theater script will entertain your students in both grades 5-8 ELA and drama classes and require them to perform inference tasks to solve clues. The script is intended for about 11 students but the number of readers can easily be contracted or expanded, depending on how many groups you wish to have.

This funny and engaging story is about a Halloween in which a sister and brother known for being ‘unmotivated’ (some might say lazy!) have a much more active 31st of October than they had hoped for. They have to track down TWO Halloween thieves, one at school and one during an evening trick or treating. Phew! They definitely need your students’ help to solve the clues.

Students not only have to assist in the solution of the two mysteries, but also have to discuss and write on six questions and complete a journal entry. The resource includes two fun extension activities: a page of mix and match spooky jokes and a Halloween ‘Find the Missing Objects’ detection activity.

Question sheets and answers are included.

Table of contents

Cast List page 1 
Script pages 2-14

Questions and activities pages 15-20

Answers pages 21-23

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