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This amusing Readers’ Theater brainteaser mystery script will give your grades 5-8 students so much fun they won’t know they are learning! Students will practice reading aloud, comprehension, and reflecting on elements of drama, all with a smile on their faces. The Mystery of the Crooked Competition readers’ theater script will require students to perform inference tasks to solve clues. The script is designed for 11 readers but the number of readers can easily be contracted or expanded depending on how many groups you wish to have. This funny and engaging story is about a Netflix cooking competition where someone (no spoilers!) tries to cheat their way to success. If not for the script’s 12 year old ‘detective’ twins, they would have succeeded.

Your class has to guess the crooked person’s identity and the four clues that revealed this on their answer sheet BEFORE going on to read the final page of the script where the mystery is solved. To end the script, students first discuss and then write on six content questions, and complete a journal entry. They then have to answer 9 questions about how elements of drama apply to the script. Definitions of 25 drama elements are included.

Extra chuckles are provided by mix and match food riddles.

Question sheets and answers are included.

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