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If your grades 5-8 drama and ELA students love reading Readers’ Theater scripts, imagine how much FUN they will derive from writing and reading their own! This colorful 38 slide detailed PowerPoint and PDF explains to students, step-by-step, how to write a 4-6 page script for themselves and their classmates to read aloud. This writing assignment will take about two hours to write and proof-read. It will take a few hours for students to rehearse with their readers as students will be readers in several groups. The duration of the readings to audiences will depend entirely on how many students you have in your class. Two versions of the resource – a PowerPoint and a PDF – are included in the zip file. Pick whichever is most convenient for your use.

What is included:

All the basics are explained- how to pick a story, how to develop the plot, the characters and the dialogue, and how to set out the script.
Advice about how to read parts.
A teacher rubric for the writing of the script.
A teacher rubric for the reading of the script.

Examples from three Readers’ Theater scripts are included.

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