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This grades 5-8 Readers’ Theater whole class fun brain teaser mystery script will give your lucky students practice in reading aloud, comprehension and writing, while having lots of winter chuckles. The script will entertain your Middle School students and require them to perform inference tasks to solve clues.

This 10 page script is designed for TWENTY SIX readers! This keeps all of the students together in one place and fosters classroom community, rather than dividing the class into smaller reading groups. Each student has at least four individual speeches to read, and everyone is kept busy reading the frequent but short EVERYONE responses together. For classes smaller than 26, give students two roles.

This funny and engaging story, set in a classroom, includes a set of small mini-mysteries and the Mystery of the Missing Phone. Don’t worry: tween sleuth Jean Yuss (the name says it all) and her friend Knowlan (AKA Nolan Dobbs) will help your students to solve these mysteries! Your students will also enjoy an immersive snow experience in scene two by miming throwing snowballs, building snowmen, and making snow angels. Ensure that the students are spread out from each other for maximum fun. Words in italics mean an action to be done, not said. This instruction is mentioned twice in the script for students who need reminders!

The first mini-mysteries simply require your students to work out which students in Ms Taken’s class are telling lies while playing the game Two Truths and a Lie. The central mystery is much more complex. After their frolics in the snowy school yard (led by trainee P.E teacher Mr Jim Shortz), the fictional class discovers that a phone has been stolen. Strangely, the phone’s screen has a crack so large that its owner compares it to the Grand Canyon. Why would anyone want to take a phone like that….?

Three pages of questions, feedback forms, and two additional winter activities will keep your students busy long after the script reading has finished. Fun, fun, fun!

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