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A fun brain teaser mystery comprehension story to get your grades 5-8 students’ brain cells zinging while simultaneously learning 15 literary terms? What a combo! It really doesn’t get much better, does it? This high interest 4 page mystery story for Middle School concerns a nasty note (or is it?) that a teacher finds on the classroom floor before the start of a big literary terms test. He won’t rest until he discovers who wrote it, but he needs help from two of his students, Knowlan and Jean Yuss, and from your students too, of course! The questions that follow the story will hone your students’ comprehension skills, challenging them to search for textual evidence and make inferences based on close reading. These questions quiz students on essential skills such as character analysis, in addition to posing questions on the 15 literary terms. A variety of formats are used to assess their understanding, including multiple choice questions, mix and match, true and false and short answer. Some of the multiple choice questions are modeled on those asked on many state tests, thus this resource provides super test prep. Knowledge of the literary terms will help students to discover the writer of the nasty note.

Answer keys are included. A paragraph question on one of the major characters in the story is included, accompanied by a rubric and a model paragraph response. The resource ends with a page of quickie riddles for students to puzzle over. Students will have so much fun and so many chuckles that they will not realize they are learning!

Table of contents

15 literary terms definitions

“The Literary Terms Test Mystery”

Mystery questions

Comprehension questions

Multiple choice questions

Finding and creating examples questions

Paragraph question
Paragraph rubric

Mystery answers

Comprehension answers

Multiple choice answers

Finding and creating examples answers

Model paragraph response

Riddle answers


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