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These Reading Comprehension Exercises and Worksheets for High
School or Secondary School Students
can be used for any book or passage. It
takes the strategy of reading a passage out loud to your students to engage
them in eight different activities to develop their literacy skills while
reviewing learned concepts.

This NO PREP printable has everything to
engage children in different forms of learning: aural, visual,
kinesthetic, social, solitary, verbal, and logical.

The reading strategies involved in this resource are: connections, predictions, questioning, visualizations, summarizing, predicating, and monitoring.

This guide will provide you with interactive activities so that your children will learn how to work independently, in groups and in a whole class setting.

Teacher guides are available to help you set up and plan all of the activities.

This 3 steps process is in both, COLOR and BLACK AND WHITE:

  1. Planning: Teacher planning guides and unit plan break-down.
  2. Reading questions (before, during and after) with writing templates for each of them.
  3. 8 engaging activities with teacher planning worksheets break-down and activity templates for students and teachers.
  4. Next Steps.
  5. Instructions.


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