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These FREE, engaging, low-prep reading and language arts enrichment challenges for K-2 gifted students and fast finishers will boost creative writing, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, critical thinking skills, and more!


These fun challenges are perfect for challenging gifted students, and fast or early finishers. They are designed with kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd graders in mind who are ADVANCED and need more of a challenge in language arts.



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The activities in this free set focus on 4 language arts skills:



  • Word Creation from A Letter Bank


  • Noun Drawing



  • Design Challenge
  • Compare and Contrast Words



  • Change A Story

The same types of activities as seen in this free set are included within the full pack. However, this set and the full set have different content!


This pack is perfect for:


  • Resource teachers
  • Gifted / GATE teachers
  • Classroom teachers with early finishers or students who need a challenge
  • Homeschoolers


Please Note:

This pack is meant primarily for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students who are advanced and in need of a challenge. The activities are worded in simpler vocabulary. It’s best if students are fairly independent readers and writers.


Please view the thumbnails before you download them to ensure that this product will be appropriate for your students!