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SIX fun projects to get your students doing math in REAL WORLD scenarios. This bundle is a 30% to buying each project individually.


1) Fix Up the Home (Area, Conversions, Volume, and Percents)

Students work through math problems based on scenarios about purchasing and renovating a home. They have to work within a budget to choose their finishings and renovations.


2) Make a Budget Project (Percents, Proportions, Formulas, Pie Chart)

In this family budget project, students will learn how to manage their money and budget for a young family. From rent, utilities, car payments, and childcare costs, to groceries, health care, cell phones, and savings, students will keep track of where there money is going, and how much they have left over. Students will uses math skills including percents, proportions, formulas, and statistical analysis to manage their money. This is a great project to help adolescents learn about adulthood and give them REAL LIFE MATH experience!


3) Percent Project – Personal Shopper (Percents, Discounts, Taxes)

In this project, students will use their knowledge of percents, discounts, taxes, and percent change to make a good purchase. Students will work collaboratively to prepare a presentation where they will interview to become a personal shopper! Included are three different scenarios for the groups to analyze. Students will make a poster showing the mathematics behind their decision, and make a verbal argument as to why they should be chosen as the personal shopper.

Not only do students get to practice their math skills, but they learn a very valuable interpersonal lesson on how to work with others and communicate clearly. Students will also have the opportunity to practice interviewing for a job, a skill that they will need to develop for future employment.


4) Summer Road Trip (Ratios, Rates, Proportions)

Your students will use their knowledge of ratios, rates, proportions, and percents to help plan a summer road trip for “Debbie”.

Task #1 : Calculate Total Miles Traveled

Task #2: Choose Car Rental

Task #3: Snack Shopping

Task #4: Hotel Costs

Task #5: City Attractions

Task #6: Miscellaneous Expenses


5) Slopey Mountain (Linear Equations and Slope)

Algebra students will use their knowledge of slope and linear equations to complete 3 tasks:

Task 1: Ranking the Slopes

Students calculate the slopes of different ski runs to rank them from easy to hard.

Task 2: Lodge Profits

Students write and graph linear equations to calculate the profit earned from drinks in the ski lodge.

Task 3: Season Pass vs. Daily Pass

Students write equations to compare the cost of a season pass vs a daily pass over a certain number of days. Students solve and graph the system of equations to find the point where the pass becomes justified.

6) Solving Equations Mini Project – When Will I Ever Use This?

“When will I ever use this?” The famous question asked by every Algebra student. Give your students a REAL application of solving equations with this mini project!

Task: A parking lot with lampposts keeping losing power. Your students will figure out why, based on an Algebraic formula called Watt’s Law. They will diagnose the issue by solving equations and make suggestions to fix the problem.

Algebra Skills:

  • Solving 1-step equations.
  • Substitution into a formula.
  • Solving literal equations for particular variables.
  • Writing and solving multi-step equations.