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This project requires students to use the basic trig ratios sine, cosine and tangent as well as the Theorem of Pythagoras in a practical, real-life application – building a lean-to roof onto an existing shed. This project replaces the boring worksheets containing tens of triangles with one side or angle missing. With this project, students will experience first hand how the basic trigonometry they learn is used in real-life.

After you have introduced the basic trig ratios sine, cosine and tangent to students, print this project and watch your students encounter a real-life problem for which they now have the mathematics to solve.

This is an actual project I did this past summer. When I found myself standing with a calculator in my hand all the time, I realized that Trig Ratios really do have a real-life application and that one cannot do this project without it.

Trigonometry, Trig Ratios, Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Theorem of Pythagoras