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Item description

Are you looking to see if your students can find and apply slope to different real life scenarios? These Algebra 1 task cards come with 16 problems relating to finding the slope, intercepts and writing equations. These task cards are printable, digital through Google Slides and Google forms and work for hybrid, remote and in person learning. Check out the similar items and BOOM cards or buy the bundle and save!

⭐Skills Required:

  • Finding slope
  • Finding intercepts
  • Writing linear equations
  • Using graphs to determine slopes and equations of lines

❤️Resource is Great for:

  • 8th grade
  • Algebra
  • Remote Learning
  • Homeschooling
  • Tutoring
  • No prep, quick assessment


  • 16 linear equations questions
  • Multiple choice and free response questions
  • 1 google form of multiple choice questions
  • 1 google slide of multiple choice questions
  • Black and white task cards
  • Color task cards
  • Either 6 cards per page or 1 card per page
  • Answer Key

3 write equations in slope intercept form given scenario

13 given graph answer questions about slope, intercept, etc.