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I turned 100 rebus puzzles into printable cards that can be used as party game cards or classroom flash cards.I also have three versions of rebus worksheets: fully colored, partly colored, and black-and-white. If you have time, try Rebus Puzzle Game Frames 1 to 25 here.

Rebus puzzles are pictogram or word picture brainteasers. Very often rebus puzzles are phonologically cryptic. The sound will not always be exactly like the answer, but it will always be close enough to recognize. Besides sound, the most common devices used in rebus puzzles are number, color, size, style of the font or writing, position or direction of words and symbols, and attention or highlight drawn to some part of the picture, often by an arrow. These devices are generally relevant to the puzzle solution.

Skills developed: Visual-spatial processing, verbal/language fluency, problem solving, lateral thinking

Visual-spatial processing is the ability to analyze, manipulate, transform, think with spatial patterns, and use visual information to create meaning and facilitate retention. It enables a learner to locate, extract, and organize information from the surrounding environment. Visual perception plays a key role in reading, spelling, and writing.

Language fluency is the ability to produce or think of words rapidly.

Problem solving is the ability to produce a range of ideas to find a solution. It is narrowing down the range of possibilities by ordering, comparing, contrasting, evaluating, and selecting and drawing conclusions based on impressions, feelings, and hard facts.

Lateral thinking is the ability to solve problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.


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