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This packet was designed to be used as an introduction or review for students when it comes to relating decimals to fractions which is why you will see a lot of models in this resource. This will help prep your students for standardized testing allowing them to feel more comfortable when they see these types of problems.


  • writing a fraction and a decimal for models
  • matching models to fractions and decimals
  • writing the decimal form for fractions
  • writing a fraction equivalent to a decimal
  • reading decimals and determine their place value
  • writing fractions and a decimal equivalent when given word problems
  • writing a fraction and a decimal for tenths and hundredths models
  • writing decimals equivalent to fractions with whole numbers
  • writing fractions for decimals with a while number
  • 28 task cards in which students will write a fraction and a decimal equivalent
  • task card recording sheet
  • answer key

There is a variety of pages to allow for differentiated learning. Perfect to include in your lesson plans when students need additional practice after being introduced to the subject.


Soumara @ Dressed in Sheets


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