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Do you have students who have trouble understanding relationships, personal space and boundaries? Then this workbook is perfect for you.

This workbook is a simple, visual and concrete workbook that aims to teach students about their own personal space and boundaries. This workbook explores different social rules, expectations and behaviors.

This resource helps facilitate conversations about the specific nuances of social behavior for each relationship. For example, when you can hug, kiss on cheek, touch shoulders, give high fives, shake hands, wave etc.

✎✎✎ Topics Covered:

  • All about this Workbook
  • All About Me, my Relationships, Personal Space & Boundaries
  • My Family (family tree, what I can do and talk about, touching & a summary page and worksheet)
  • My Friends (all about my friends, what I can do and talk about, my Friends summary page and worksheet)
  • My Acquaintances (who are acquaintances, what I can do and talk about with acquaintances, acquaintances summary page and worksheet)
  • About Professional Helpers (who are professional helpers, what I can do and talk about with professional helpers, touching, professional helper’s summary page and worksheet)
  • Strangers (who are strangers, keeping safe with strangers, stranger’s summary page and worksheet)
  • Supplementary Materials & Visuals on the do’s and don’ts of “touching” and “personal space” including pocket cards, private vs public concepts and worksheets

Looking for more workbook topics? We’ve got you covered!

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