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Relative Velocity is one of the most fascinating subjects that you can teach in High School Physics. It is amazing when students realize that having a different perspective will provide an entirely different reality and measurement. I used to just talk and show my students videos of this, but I have finally built a lab that has the students experience it for themselves, and they love it! Many students not only understand the material better but also realize the importance in a more profound manner. Students always enjoy this lab because they are having fun moving their bodies in various ways, whether outside or in the gym.


Tennis Balls

This is an NGSS-aligned lesson. Your students will engage in three-dimensional learning by analyzing and interpreting data, discussing with other students, and moving their bodies to perform experiments.

What is included:

Lab Worksheet (FULLY EDITABLE)

– For THREE different levels of students (CP, Honors, and AP)

– Step-by-step instructions to get students started on their lab

– Just print and you’re ready to start

Teacher’s Instructions

– Detailed layout of how to introduce and do the activity (3 different methods)

– Every step has answers to the correct procedure with a point system

– Includes instructional video

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