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This unit includes a variety of lessons and activities will teach
high school English Language Arts students to identify different types
of plagiarism, cite sources using MLA format (9th edition), paraphrase
sources, quote sources, evaluate online information, and write a
persuasive essay.

It includes a variety of lessons and activities, including:

The “Plagiarism or Proper Use?” introductory activity with key
introduces students to the concept of plagiarism and is a good way to
pre-assess student knowledge.

– The PowerPoint notes on
what plagiarism is and how to avoid it provide students with information
about different types of plagiarism such as mosaic plagiarism, direct
plagiarism, self plagiarism, and more. Additional tips are included to
help students understand the importance of citing their sources.

– A hands-on practice activity will help students to understand the structure of proper MLA works cited entries. Key included.

Notes and a highlighting activity covering the basic concepts of MLA
works cited entries will provide additional information and guidelines
related to MLA 9 citation style. This note sheet is an excellent
quick-reference resource that students can use to guide the creation of
their works cited entries.

– Paraphrasing notes teach
students about proper and improper paraphrases. These notes also
reinforce the importance of citing sources appropriately.

Paraphrasing organizer and activity provides students with a guide for
writing effective paraphrases and allows them to practice their
paraphrasing skills.

– Notes on using quotations in
writing provide tips on introducing quotations, explaining quotations,
how to integrate quotes into writing, and how to document quotations

– Using quotations practice activity –
students identify evidence in a text that can be used to support
specific points and practice writing introductory phrases.

Evaluating online information activity – introduces students to the
CRAP (Currency, Reliability, Authority, Purpose) method for evaluating
online sources. Students will identify key questions that they should
ask when evaluating online content.

– Creating a web
evaluation – students create their own website evaluation that they can
use to determine the credibility and reliability of online sources.

Final essay assignment – students are walked through a step-by-step
process for writing an effective research essay. This assignment
includes notes on how to write an essay with information related to
organization, writing a thesis, and word choice; essay assignment,
graphic organizer that will assist students in structuring an essay
appropriately; highlighting activity with key that helps students to
identify and locate the key components of an essay; and a marking guide.

This unit includes 70+ pages (including PowerPoint slides) – assignments are in non-editable PDF format.