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Looking for engaging Respiratory system doodle notes / graphic organizers’ with
relevant Reading Resources on the
topic of ‘The Respiratory system of the
Human Body’?
These science doodles come with more than sufficient content
in the form of reading passages for completing the doodle notes. This resource is
available in PDF and Google SlidesTM formats.


The respiratory system doodle aims to help revise or review this
human body system topic in fun way for the students, while they retain the
content better! Use these science reading resources to teach or revise the human
body system, which can be followed by utilizing the respiratory system doodle
sheets as student-led note-taking resource, as independent research sheets,
review sheets, assessment sheets or for homework
. The content in these
reading passages will be apt and useful for filling the graphic organizer pages
/ science doodles.


Visual aids like
Graphic organizers or Doodle note-taking
have proven to be helpful in
better content grasping and retention. Students show better engagement in
classrooms or during self study while using graphic organizers as they explore
their creative side coloring them too!


This no-prep respiratory system doodle notes and graphic
organizer with reading passages is non-editable and available in PDF as well as
Google Slides TM formats. Just print (A4 size paper) these science doodles for
use in physical classrooms or have an engaging session on your virtual / online
/ Google ClassroomTM using Google SlidesTM format! Answer key / sample solved Doodle sheet is available for both

What all is included in this product?

  • Respiratory System Doodle Note / graphic organizer available in 2 formats each (total 2 sheets):

  1. Blank Doodle: this version provides the base graphics, suitable for more independent learners as well as students who prefer taking their own notes while studying or listening in the class.
  2. Fill in the blank type Doodle: this version provides the graphics and content in ‘fill in the blanks’ format suitable for students who need that extra push while learning and taking notes.

  • Answer key / sample of completed science doodle notes: can be used as reference points for teachers.
  • Relevant reading resources (11 pages): – these science reading passages on Human Respiratory system contain the information that your students need to complete these science doodle notes. 

Topics of the human respiratory system covered in these science doodles include:

  • Respiration in Humans – Introduction
  • Types of Respiration
  • Differences between Breathing and Respiration
  • Organs of the Respiratory System
  • Nose and Pharynx
  • Trachea
  • Bronchi, Bronchioles and Alveoli
  • Lungs and Diaphragm
  • Process of Respiration
  • Respiratory Diseases

Recommended for grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and for those who are
homeschooling. Help your students learn the concepts of Respiratory system –
Human Body system better while they explore their creative side matching and
coloring them using these worksheets!

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