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This Distance Learning Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing Pack for the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson encourages students to analyze rhetorical appeals: logos, pathos, and ethos! This pack includes a lesson that teaches students how to write a rhetorical analysis step-by-step from the reading of the text all the way to the final essay.


Make teaching rhetorical analysis STRESS-FREE in your physical or online learning classroom!



***Just PRINT and TEACH with PDF or ASSIGN and TEACH with INTERACTIVE slides for use in Google Classroom™ and MS Teams™; just download the slides as a PowerPoint and upload for student use! (This pack includes the PDF and DIGITAL options!)


This product includes the following:

  • A copy of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson in PDF & SLIDES
  • Rhetorical Appeals Chart in PDF & SLIDES
  • Rhetorical Analysis Graphic Organizers in PDF & SLIDES
  • Thesis Organizer, Essay Outline, & Rubrics in PDF & SLIDES
  • 2-Page Essay Example in PDF
  • 3 Short Responses, Rubrics, and Writing Tips in PDF & SLIDES
  • Detailed Lesson Plan in PDF
  • Answer Keys in PDF
  • 70 PDF Pages & 37 Slides