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Strengthen phonemic awareness and reading
fluency with this digital St. Patrick’s Day game of rhyming.  Using decodable text, players find rhyming
words to complete silly poems. 

Classroom and distance learning is easy with Google Slides™ or PowerPoint™, plus there is an interactive PDF that can be played offline.

This game includes 30 short silly
decodable poems that use CVC short vowel words and
long vowel words
. Players must choose the correct rhyming word to complete each
poem, collect gold, and catch the leprechaun.


Strengthen decoding, reading, spelling,
and vocabulary skills.  These are a great
review for reading intervention, special education, and Orton-Gillingham programs.


There are 10 sets with 3 questions in each set.  Each set focuses on rhyming words with a specific
vowel sound.  An incorrect answer sends
them back to the start of that set.
Mastery of all three questions earns gold and advances the player to the
next set of poems.  The game is self-checking.


What’s Included in the Download

► Leprechaun Hunt game in Google Slides™ format.

► Leprechaun Hunt game in PowerPoint™ show mode.

These games are included in this download in .ppsx format.

Open in PowerPoint and play.

► Leprechaun Hunt game as an interactive PDF.

This can be opened and played in adobe acrobat.


⭐ Leprechaun Hunt Rhyming Words Game comes in several formats so you can find what works best for your needs. Please make sure before purchasing that you are choosing the correct games.


This game is also available as Digital Boom Cards.