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This learning printable can be used to review and/or reinforce essential phonological awareness skills on the concept of rhyming. The ability to rhyme – or to hear the ending sound in words – helps young students with hearing the parts of words that eventually leads to reading. With this printable, the student will match picture on a farm animal to their rhyming pair


–24 rhyming pairs

–recording sheet

–box for storage

–answer sheet

Suggestions, tips, and differentiation:

* Place cards face down. Turn over a card and try to find matching pair. If they do not match, turn back over and put back in original place.

* Show child one a card and have them find the matching pair.

* Can be used for assessment.

* Can be used in small group, literacy center, and in whole group-circle time.

* Used for the development of speech.

* Put in ABC order.



Put a matching sticker on the backs of the pieces that go together. When the child is finished, have them turn over the cards to see if the stickers match.


A Rhyming Thanks!!

Creations by Mrs Mouse


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