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Explore the earth science concepts of rocks and minerals with this engaging unit full of worksheets, investigation labs, reading passages, hands-on activities, and so much more as you explore the types of rocks, minerals, and the rock cycle! This unit is perfect for any 3rd grade rocks and minerals curriculum!

This Unit Covers

  ✓ Properties of minerals

  ✓ Three types of rocks (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary)

  ✓ How rocks are formed

  ✓ How rocks are identified

  ✓ The rock cycle

  ✓ Why rocks and minerals are important

  ✓ Rocks and mineral uses in everyday life

With This Unit You’ll Get:

  ✓ Non-fiction reading pieces to help integrate reading and meet RI standards

  ✓ Engaging, hands-on science labs

  ✓ Creative activities, such as creating a biography of a rock and a rock and mineral fashion show

  ✓ Concept maps and graphic organizers

  ✓ Practice and review sheets (printables)

  ✓ Technology activities (QR Codes)

  ✓ High quality, day-by-day lesson plans (15 days)

  ✓ Answer keys

  .… and so much more!