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Are your students struggling in the classroom? Are they having
difficulty drawing recognizable pictures in their writing journals? Difficulty
processing visual information and poor visual-motor coordination skills can
lead to problems with reading, spelling, handwriting, drawing, math, and

Visual perception is the skill needed for a child to make sense of what
they see.  Help their brains interpret the information they are taking in
all day long with these activities.

Use these fun Roll and Draw visual perception activities to help your
students improve their drawing, coloring, writing, and planning skills.

These activities are great for writing centers, math stations, early
finishers, OT sessions, emergency sub plans, and more. 

This set includes roll and draw activities to draw a picture, face, person, and
house.  A variety of styles, with and
without pictures are included. They contain roll and draw, spin and draw, color
by number, coloring pages, and cut and paste crafts.

Both color and black and white options are included. Consider cutting
and laminating color versions. Add Velcro to the pieces for students who cannot draw, color, or cut and paste the images together.

Occupational Therapy Tip

Break crayons in half and use short pencils to promote a fingertip grasp when
students are coloring, drawing, or writing.